Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MORE MAIL-Art I've sent:

tobacco barns
near Windsor,
north carolina
I was born in a lump,
 mama died and daddy got drunk.
Left me here to die or grow in the middle of Tobacco Road.
Grew up in a rusty shack,
 all I owned was a hangin' on my back,
Only Lord knows how I loathe this place called Tobacco Road.
But it's home,
 the only life I've ever ever knowed,
But the Lord knows I loathe Tobacco Road.

Gonna leave.
 get a job,
 with the help and the grace of God.
Save my money,
 get rich,
 I know bring it back to Tobacco Road
Bring dynamite and a crane,
 blow it up and start all over again
Build a town,
 be proud,
 to show keep the name
 Tobacco Road.
Cause it's home,
 the only life I've ever ever knowed
I despite you cause,
 you're filthy but I love you
cause you're home.
-Tobacco Road, by John D.Loudermilk.


a trailer park in Bowling Green