Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Disapearing Florida - Motel in St. Petersburg

In this blog, I'll bring my interest in photography.  Images in my photography include the desolate and abandoned - or seemingly so- buildings and spaces we pass by every day.  Structures and the like that are from an earlier era...somehow hanging on still today.  Subjects that seem to be on the outskirts of our daily worlds...but are right there if we look.  The image of this motel is an example, located on a busy thouroughfare, and...although still in is like the great aunt that spent her winters here in Florida and flocked north when the first signs of humidity appeared in a time before the ubiquitous air conditioned mall that Florida is now.
There will also be images, similar in theme, of other area I've lived and vacationed.  You'll eventually see photographs from the worn rust belt cities like Syracuse and Buffalo.  Images from Buenos Aires - a tired grand dame.  You'll also see some of my humor, such as the "Godzilla versus X" series.
Enjoy! -Jim.